On-Demand Live Interpretation for Zoom Meetings with KUDO

Host more productive, accessible, and inclusive Zoom meetings by adding on-demand live interpretation provided by KUDO’s network of 12,000+ professional interpreters.

Why Go Multilingual?

Broaden your global reach

Broaden your
global reach

Increase accessibility

Increase accessibility and inclusion with 200+ spoken and sign languages

Be understood



Improve meeting

Streamlined meeting logistics

Streamlined meeting logistics

With the Book Interpreters with KUDO app, you have on-demand access to the largest network of professional interpreters that are ready to support your next Zoom meeting or event no matter the subject, in any language and in any time zone. KUDO gives Zoom hosts the autonomy to find, schedule, and pay interpreters with relevant business expertise in just a few clicks.

How it works

Set up your KUDO account and add multilingual support in 3 easy steps.

1. Sync your Zoom meetings to KUDO and choose the meeting for which you would like to book interpretation.

2. Define languages for your meeting.

3. Interpreters will be automatically staffed for your upcoming Zoom meeting based on language, subject matter expertise, and availability.

1. Log into KUDO.

2. Find and book an interpreter based on language, subject matter expertise and availability.

3. Interpreters will be automatically staffed for your upcoming Zoom meeting.

Find, schedule, and pay interpreters

And just like that, your interpreters are booked and paid, and you can access multilingual support directly on your Zoom meeting.


Built by experts

Built by experts

KUDO was created by revered experts in the interpreting and event space with over 40 years of combined experience in conferencing and language services.

Used by experts

Used by experts

From Fortune 500 companies to international organizations, KUDO’s clients and audiences have fully realized the power of understanding through multilingual meetings and events.

On-demand network

Our on-demand network

KUDO’s trusted network of 12,000+ professional interpreters is unparalleled. Our network is global, ensuring coverage for clients no matter the time zone or language.

Secure and confidential

Secure and Confidential

Host meetings and events with the confidence that your information is protected. KUDO interpreters are under confidentiality contracts per event supported.

Because you can

Because you can

With KUDO, Zoom participants can engage in their preferred language facilitating communication, collaboration, and participation for an all-around more inclusive experience.