Say what you want, but the world is definitely different from how we had it just six months ago. Everything has changed pretty much everywhere.

And while we all adapt to the new times in peculiar and very personal ways, it is interesting to see how common some of our responses can be. Like reminiscing about the good old days and longing for a return to some normalcy and routine. Even if just to complain that things never change!

Interpreters are particularly prone to this exercise these days. Our world has been turned on its head in much less time than we needed to adjust. Most of us are still adjusting, and somehow it doesn’t feel right, despite the technology and the many options within reach if you know where to look.

We keep recalling that feeling of interpreting out of a booth, the reassurance of a technician standing by, the tactile experience of an interpreter console. We secretly wish we could bring part of that experience back. If only we could…

Well, KUDO understands that longing. As it turns out we can bring some of that familiarity back. Not all of it, but enough to keep you going and adapting faster. As disruptive as KUDO is, we strive to keep as much of the old setting as we possibly can, to give interpreters the tools and comfort they need to perform at their best.

That is why we introduced the KUDO Studio concept, to allow interpreters to work in pairs, out of an ISO-compliant booth. That’s why we have just developed a dual listening mode so interpreters can listen to their boothmates and the floor at the same time. But we haven’t stopped there.

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Introducing the TAIDEN Interpreter Console – powered by KUDO

You can now own your personal interpreter console, with all the bells and whistles, the same look and feel, the same quality you’ve grown accustomed to.

Developed in partnership with TAIDEN, the leading manufacturer of conferencing equipment, the Interpreter Console powered by KUDO is a portable device you plug into your computer using a USB cable. It is also compact enough for you to carry with you anywhere you go (assuming you can already go places). It provides interpreters with everything they could expect to find in a traditional console. And it looks the part.

How’s that for a little nostalgia? Just take a look at the features and let yourself be amazed!

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The Interpreter Console is now available for pre-order. Reserve yours today! We ship internationally, and you pay only when it ships.

RSI just became a tad more familiar. And we’re just getting warmed up.

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