More funding, more resources-   A note from VP of Client Success, Barry Slaughter Olsen

The worldwide shift to remote work has redefined meetings. Consequently, online meeting platforms quickly became our new boardrooms, town halls, and conference rooms. With this shift came new challenges for multilingual governments, businesses, and organizations. KUDO has helped its clients meet these challenges head-on. And thanks to our successful Series A funding round, we can continue to do so with even more resources.

For our team

Our successful Series A funding gives the Client Success Team the resources we need to ensure KUDO users have a flawless experience when they meet in many languages.

This funding also gives us the resources to tell the story of multilingual communication and collaboration to a worldwide audience, including its multiplier effect on cross-border cooperation and the win-win relationship between professional interpreters and today’s communications technologies. These are fascinating stories that the world needs to hear.

For our clients

Helping organizations and businesses hold successful multilingual meetings online takes expertise. Therefore, to support the rapid growth in online multilingual meetings we will:

  • Invest in building our Client Success Team and ensure the best client experience
  • Continue to expand our Client Success Team’s footprint to include true worldwide coverage
  • Build out our Client Help Center and lay the groundwork for a collaborative KUDO Users Community

On a personal note, my first glimpse of what virtual meetings with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) could become came in 2005. Since then, I have worked with many companies and technologists to realize what I envisioned back then. KUDO has brought together all the elements to make that vision a reality. This is why I became a part of this amazing team. Now, with our Series A, we have the resources to move full speed ahead and help the world communicate and collaborate like never before.

This is a huge milestone in language access.

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