The real cost of multilingual events

Multilingual Events, ROI

When it comes to measuring the ROI of multilingual meetings and events, there is no magic formula. However, research shows that meetings and events with live-interpreter support can have several measurable benefits, including cost savings. The example below is an anonymized real-life example pulled from our latest white paper that illustrates one business’ journey from investment to savings through virtual multilingual meetings.

The challenge 

Enabling genuine engagement through discussion can be the make or break of any event. Attaining the desired level of engagement is already challenging at large onsite events but even harder to achieve in the virtual realm. And, when you compound this with a global audience that speaks many different languages, encouraging engagement and two-way dialogue becomes even trickier.

This company used to pay USD 500 thousand for each of their five onsite events hosted without any interpretation. Adding up the cost, this amounted to a total of USD 2.5 million for all five onsite events.

The solution 

Live interpretation with KUDO — in five languages, across two time zones, including organizing interpreters, providing the event platform (or integrating with the platform of choice), and ensuring full IT support throughout the event.

The savings 

To find out exactly how much this company saved using live interpretation with KUDO, download our newest white paper, The Return on Investment of Multilingual Meetings. In this white paper, we navigate the new virtual world, discuss the differences between captions and live interpretation, and explore new ways to make your next meeting or event exponentially more engaging, inclusive, and accessible.

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