A Note from KUDO’s Chief Language Officer Ewandro Magalhaes

KUDO is already the most interpreter-centric online meeting platform out there. This may sound like a bold statement, but I say this knowing that we built KUDO from the ground up with the interpreters’ experience in mind every step of the way.

Our team is home to renowned conference interpreters, interpreting researchers, trainers, and thought leaders. We want to ensure that our platform provides interpreters with everything they need so they can concentrate on doing what they do best: interpret! And the success of our recently concluded Series A round of funding will provide the leverage we need to do exactly that.

Here’s how and why.

Interpreter Education

We understand the value of supporting up-and-coming interpreters, and we will use the new funding to support educational initiatives to make sure the right tools, solutions, and know-how are available to interpreters in the early phases of their training. We will also make the trainers a priority. Our goal is to make KUDO products more accessible to eligible interpretation institutions for training and mock events.

The plan involves sponsoring scholarships for promising students from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In the pipeline is also a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) series for interpreters, taught by renowned interpreters and specialists and fully funded by KUDO. It will cover aspects such as:

  • Paperless interpreting
  • Equipment review
  • RSI best practices
  • Strategies to cope with vicarious stress
  • Best practices to combat screen fatigue
  • Career boosting tips for T&I professionals
  • Personal branding and marketing for translators and interpreters

Stay tuned for details of these programs.

AI assistance, User-friendliness, Innovation

More money means higher leverage to engage in and support solid research in the use of AI technology to help interpreters shorten study and prep time through automated glossary building. We are also bringing to market a system to aid interpreters with terminology anticipation. Think of it as a virtual boothmate that will flash out synonyms, terminology suggestions, unit conversions and more, right on your screen.

Our interpreter interface is undergoing a makeover for a more user-friendly user experience (UX), incorporating long-awaited tools such as:

  • the ability for interpreters to see one another via webcam and to listen to Floor and multiple incoming channels simultaneously
  • the ability to turn your tablet into an interpreter console
  • a downloadable desktop interpreter interface that you can fully customize with video and other screen elements you can drag and drop as you please
  • built-in acoustic protection feature

Lastly, we will be using these funds to ensure that forward-thinking and tech-savvy interpreters continue to expand their markets way beyond their current geographies. Part of the extra leverage will be used to strengthen and promote our new platform, KUDO Marketplace, to make sure you find more work faster, 24/7.

One thing will remain the same, though. Keeping our interpreters in the loop and on our minds as we continue to innovate and disrupt the market with new features and regular updates.

KUDO does not exist without interpreters. And we are fortunate to work with and be at the service of the most talented group of linguists and experts in the world.

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