Virtual events have gone global, now more than ever. Last year’s global call to work from home led to incredible advances in virtual meeting platforms. It wasn’t long before daily schedules were packed with hours of virtual work meetings, along with a variety of webinars and virtual events. But the novelty of this new digital schedule wore off quickly. Pretty soon “Zoom fatigue” became just as much a part of the global lexicon as “the new normal”.

Businesses are now thinking of new ways to hold participants’ attention and increase engagement, at times seeing global attendance but not global participation. The answer: language. While event planners may aspire to a global audience, they’re often still hosting the events in a single language. Platforms that specialize in offering multilingual solutions via vetted interpreters supporting meetings with remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) like KUDO are the obvious answer. But what about companies and organizations that are already settled into an event marketing platform that isn’t built for multilingual business communications?

Introducing KUDO Language Access, the platform agnostic solution for providing inclusive and accessible meetings via on-demand interpretation on virtual meeting and event platforms. With KUDO Language Access, event marketing platforms can seamlessly integrate KUDO’s dropdown language selector into the user interface of their platform enabling the event participants to engage, interact, or listen in their preferred language. More languages mean more inclusion, accessibility, engagement, and participation.

The KUDO Language Access suite of products supports large live virtual events, live-event audio streams on websites as well as smaller business meetings.

Features include:

  • Support for up to 32 languages per event
  • Support for up to 3000 users/language for small and large meetings
  • Real time simultaneous interpretation into 100+ spoken and sign languages
  • The ability to tap into KUDO’s growing network of 10,000+ vetted professional interpreters
  • On-demand interpreter booking for streamlined event logistics
  • Seamless integration into multiple event marketing platforms

With KUDO Language Access diversity and accessibility are more than just buzzwords used to promote your next big event. Take your engagement global on your preferred platform.


Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join one of our Daily Live Demos, and learn how to expand your reach globally, engaging in your own language with real-time interpretation.

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