Introducing KUDO for Zoom Webinars

Introducing KUDO for Zoom Webinars

Starting today, KUDO is bringing its streamlined interpreter booking process to Zoom Webinar users. KUDO now offers a hassle-free, pay-as-you-need solution for booking professional interpreters for virtual and hybrid meetings and webinars on Zoom.

The interpreter booking process takes minutes; clients provide their webinar details, create an account, and complete the booking by paying the interpreter fee. That’s it. All KUDO interpreters matched with webinars are vetted for interpretation experience, subject matter expertise, IT, their experience using KUDO, and their connectivity infrastructure.

To match interpreters with webinars, KUDO leverages its groundbreaking interpreter booking and scheduling platform KUDO Interpreter Marketplace, recently recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the “100 Amazing Innovations Changing How We Live.” KUDO Interpreter Marketplace offers real-time availability, instant booking confirmations, and interpreter matching based on language specificity, skillset, and availability.

With KUDO for Zoom, scheduling interpreter-supported webinars is easier than ever. You can host more inclusive webinars in up to 9 languages in just a few minutes, and we’re just getting started.

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