Hi-Fi audio. Brought to you by KUDO

At KUDO, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. And we are excited to announce that the audio quality on KUDO just went from great to best! We are talking high-fidelity audio quality full band, 48-64 Kbps bit rate. This comes as great news for meeting participants and interpreters. Intrigued? Read on.

Hi-Fi Audio

Audio is of the essence for the success of a virtual multilingual meeting. It is the subject of much attention at KUDO and a priority we emphasize through specific features such as audio fallback. But for an ideal audio experience it’s important to strike the right balance of several elements.

Encouraging the use of a headset and dependable Internet connection are two of those aspects. Minimizing background noise is another big one and, like the other two, a behavioral element not totally under KUDO’s control.

Then there are technical aspects like frequency response – how well your microphone and speakers will pick up and reproduce a vast array of tones—and sample rate, which reflects the number of sound packets that will be converted to data each second. The wider the frequency response, the clearer the message. The more samples or packets per second, the better the overall audio quality.

Like most aspects affecting audio quality, the result will depend on the infrastructure on the participants’ or interpreters’ end. By default, KUDO’s system is totally adaptive, and Hi-Fi audio kicks in whenever there is enough bandwidth on the remote end.

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Hi-Fi audio requires more bandwidth, so more of those sound packets can be squeezed per second in a non-stop stream of data. In this case, bit rate is the technical variable to watch.

So, if you’ve got the bandwidth, we have the bit rate and the infrastructure to make your audio experience on KUDO second to none. With the right infrastructure and settings, interpreters can enjoy a sound comparable –if not better—to what they would receive in a professional booth equipped with high-end consoles and headsets. This gives them a complete sound package, with all the nuance and tone variability they need to fully comprehend and expertly render meaningful speech.

KUDO’s high-fidelity features also provide participants with an audio experience that is easy on the ears for prolonged periods of time.
So, if you are looking for a purpose-built web conferencing platform for multilingual meetings with the best audio available, contact us today!

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