Hello! My name is Michelle Cartín-Storey, KUDO’s Head of Global Partnerships. Working for a Global company like KUDO, I know how much work goes into planning a quarterly town hall meeting. Factoring in different time zones and countries on top of producing engaging content to present is no easy task.

Additionally, this option is not ideal for getting transversal participation. Team members watching the recording of the town hall meeting days after the event took place will likely never come back to you to give you their feedback.

With KUDO, without any conferencing hardware or downloads, we can ensure that your content will immediately reach your attendees anywhere on the planet and in their specific language.

Attendees can join using their laptops, tablets, or even a smartphone, with clear audio, video, and language interpretation. Meanwhile, KUDO certified interpreters work remotely and provide support for 80+ languages.

Some offices are opting to have multiple town halls, one for each language or region, further multiplying all efforts. The other option would be to transcribe and translate each meeting and then circulate the videos with subtitles. Unfortunately, this process takes time and money. Not to mention, going through the transcribing and translating process makes multilingualism seem like an afterthought for non-English speaking company members, and town halls are meant to be inclusive and bring the company together.

Here at KUDO, everyone can participate. Professional interpreters are working real time to ensure everyone can follow along in their own language. Participants can ask their questions and give feedback too.

A few clicks and the magic is done. No hassle, no equipment, no headaches. You can now sit back, relax, and enjoy an inclusive global town hall with real-time interpretation and maximum participation, all in one go.

If you would like to know more, make sure to download the newest white paper about town halls.

Hasta la próxima!

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