A word from KUDO CEO and Co-founder Fardad Zabetian | KUDO and Microsoft Teams

Making connections and easing frictions in communication has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I realized the power of understanding from an early age, and it was with KUDO that I was able to truly make multilingual communication easy and accessible for everyone. Accessible on the cloud, KUDO streams real-time language interpretation to participants’ smartphones and computers, so everyone can join in their own language from anywhere.

We built KUDO from the ground up with one mission in mind: to eliminate language barriers globally. I’m proud to say that we’ve worked toward that mission every day since KUDO’s inception, improving inclusivity and engagement in meetings and events for businesses and organizations around the world.

To say that we’ve grown in the last year would be an understatement. Our team has nearly doubled in size, our network of professional interpreters is larger than ever, and our brilliant technology team has introduced products and features that provide our clients and interpreters with a richer experience on the KUDO platform. At the top of the year, we launched KUDO Marketplace, a groundbreaking scheduling platform with real-time availability checks, instant booking confirmations, and automated payment processing matching seasoned interpreters to meetings based on their language specificity, availability, and skill-set.

As we look to further support our interpreters’ work conditions and enhance our user experience, our team’s focus on AI-powered tools is allowing us to enhance the virtual meeting experience.  AI-generated captions in multiple languages, automated glossary creation and terminology assistance for interpreters, and a forthcoming patent-pending speech speedometer will enhance the virtual meeting experience for both interpreters and participants making virtual meetings and events more accessible and inclusive.

Today we announced our newest integration with Microsoft Teams, a collaboration that brings KUDO’s network of 12,000+ vetted professional interpreters directly to the Teams platform through a native integration offered via the Microsoft Teams AppSource.  Teams users now have access to more inclusive, productive, and accessible meetings and events through KUDO’s multilingual support. The KUDO x Microsoft Teams integration helps break even more language barriers globally fostering collaboration and ultimately empowering more people with the power of understanding.

For me, removing language barriers is not only about facilitating connections, but also needed in efficient market research for businesses that are expanding globally by penetrating new markets. With KUDO and Microsoft Teams, these businesses now have access to 200+ spoken and sign languages and can now get a better understanding of their global customers’ perspectives and needs, tailoring their solution to meet these needs more effectively.

The pandemic has made virtual meetings part of our daily lives, but the language barrier is one of the last obstacles we need to overcome to connect people globally. KUDO is removing this last barrier to help businesses and individuals fulfill their mission on a global scale. The best part- this is just the beginning. Our talented engineers are in the process of multiple new products and integrations with other major players within the collaboration space. All moving in the same direction towards the ultimate goal of giving everyone the power to understand and to be understood. Stay tuned, our KUDO team is just getting started.

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