The current COVID-19 outbreak is substantially changing the business landscape, with more and more of us working from home and the inability to congregate.

In this scenario, finding ways to ensure business continuity is vital. For companies with international operations, keeping the lines of communication open to partners, clients and staff is how you can keep ideas flowing and solutions coming.

Luckily, not being in the same physical space as the rest of your team does not have to become an insurmountable challenge. That’s exactly why we created KUDO. To ensure business continuity through a range of online meeting solutions. Here are 10 ways to empower yourself, despite the circumstances:

1. Keep meeting

KUDO is a full-featured video collaboration platform. Our solutions are web-based, for immediate deployment. We can accommodate any meeting topology, from multi-stakeholder business meetings to massive international announcements to large interactive presentations and moderated conferences with hundreds or thousands of users.

2. Take a vote

KUDO offers an integrated anonymous online voting feature so you can run deliberative sessions, pass important legislation or make critical decisions while giving all participants a say in the polls. You can hold parliamentary-style and multiple-choice surveys and polls, as well.

3. Speak any language you like

No need to have your team or clients struggle in English or any other language they don’t totally master. KUDO offers a built-in language selector so that any participant to a call can speak their mind freely, in their own language. The interpretation is done remotely by trained conference interpreters in any language.

4. Keep your annual conference

Are you considering cancelling your annual conference at a huge loss? Hold an online conference instead. KUDO can stream the full content of your conference to an unlimited number of participants anywhere in the world. They will connect through their smartphones, tablets or computers in any language of their choosing. And you can still honor your contracts.

5. Go to (or stay in) China

Is China an important market or source for your business? KUDO has moved part of its servers to ensure seamless and continuous video communications with users in mainland China. It does so in full compliance with China’s applicable regulations. We can support your calls and meetings with interpretation to and from Chinese, in real-time.

6. Go global. Like, really global!

KUDO boasts a roster of 2,000 pre-screened interpreters in 40+ languages and up to 60 countries (and growing every day). These colleagues are well equipped to work from KUDO studios in select cities or from their own solo studios or home offices.

7. Do a LIVE in multiple languages

KUDO offers a widget you can embed online, with just two lines of code. It will put a video window on your website, with the live streaming of a keynote, announcement or conference. You can now reach out to literally millions of users anywhere in the world. Viewers will be able to select the language in which they want to follow the program. No signup needed. Just direct users to your website.

8. Save big and stay relevant as we adjust to COVID-19

KUDO understands how important it is for you to keep in touch with your stakeholders, clients and staff globally in a time of crisis. To help you weather the economic effects of the current viral outbreak, we’re offering a 50% discount on all of services, for the next couple of months.

9. Act!

We’re living through a delicate time. A time of uncertainty and a few unknowns. Doing the right thing has never been more important. KUDO enables you to keep moving and running your business remotely while firing from all six cylinders. We help you act and react. Fast.

10. Keep Calm and Carry on!

Being able to lead in a time of crisis provides a sense of direction and infuses in people a sense of control and respect that is vital for people to keep their heads leveled and continue to perform. By offering you the business continuity tools above, we give you the peace of mind to do just that, so you can concentrate on what you do best: lead!

We stand ready to help. Contact us today and let us keep you in business.