When multilingual matters: Women in tech summit

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Inclusivity, accessibility, and increased engagement are valuable reasons to add multilingual access to your next virtual event. But what does this look like in practice? When Multilingual Matters is a series of blogs that describe real-life challenges that can be overcome with live interpretation on platforms like KUDO and its integrations.

The challenge: Women in tech summit

It’s Women’s History Month, and you are hosting a virtual summit to celebrate women in tech featuring empowering guest speakers. Your goal for the event is for women in tech across the globe to connect, collaborate, and innovate. You’ve seen some success with your previous virtual summits, and your event summary data shows a large discrepancy between event attendance and participation. Additionally, most of the participation came from English-speaking guests.

Knowing that participation is a major success metric for virtual events, you’ve invested in hosting your next event on Hopin, an immersive virtual platform with the latest videoconferencing technology innovations. But how will you address the language divide?

The old way

A common solution to improve language accessibility is to pre-record content and translate it into multiple languages. As you plan on having live speakers, this option won’t work for your event. You could also offer live captioning in various languages. This is a great solution that is great for event accessibility as well. However, this option doesn’t encourage engagement for non-English speakers. Both options do not move the needle when it comes to networking or collaborating across language barriers.

The solution: KUDO for Hopin

Enter KUDO, the videoconferencing platform that leverages the power of the largest on-demand network of professional interpreters to make any virtual meeting multilingual with just a few clicks. The best part- KUDO is now fully integrated into the Hopin platform.

KUDO Language Access for Hopin combines the power of live interpretation via KUDO’s network of 12,000+ professional interpreters with the immersive virtual experience of a Hopin event. Now, your attendees can watch, engage, and network in their preferred language with real-time interpretation support, all on Hopin’s interactive platform.

With KUDO Language Access, your Hopin virtual summit instantly becomes more accessible and inclusive with interpreter support in over 200 spoken and sign languages. Your attendees can genuinely engage in webinars and workshops in their preferred languages.

Your selection of guest speakers has instantly grown as well. No longer are your panels limited to the most qualified English-speaking expert in each field. With live interpretation support from KUDO, you can host the absolute best expert – no English necessary.

Global participation and engagement for virtual events are possible with live interpretation. Give all of your attendees the ease of communicating in their preferred language with KUDO at your next Hopin event.

What is KUDO?

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Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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