We’re excited to introduce KUDO version 3.0. It features three distinct additions: Dial-In From a Phone Line KUDO now allows off-line users to simply dial-in using ordinary phone lines and follow the meeting in the language of their choice. Users join the meeting by calling a dedicated number from a landline or mobile phone. They enter the meeting ID and join by indicating their preferred language. Any caller in the United States can join, and this feature will soon be available to users in other countries. Security & Enterprise Compliance KUDO version 3.0 is now addressing some of the concerns of IT departments within large enterprises, making meetings almost impenetrable by uninvited guests. Our product is now compliant with many enterprise regulations, including the following:

  • The ability to select your servers and communication traffic to be in specific regions. This feature will meet EU compliance regulations.
  • New privacy features allowing enterprises to have their meetings and events with peace of mind while giving clients additional flexibility on data manageability and storage.

Interpreter Handover At KUDO, we work hard to ensure that the interpreter’s experience working remotely is as familiar as when an interpreter works with traditional equipment. This is why we’ve come up with a streamlined handover feature, providing a smooth transition from one interpreter to the next in the off-chance that they are not sharing the same booth physically.

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