The list of features goes on

KUDO Multilingual conference
remote simultaneous interpretation


Enter, add, delete,
edit, perfect it

  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • Comprehensive user profile
  • Extended description of events and meetings
  • Ability to upload custom event logo or banners
  • CSV import option for large batches of participants
  • Wide range of customizable options
Remote Interpretation kudo


language talent

  • Full language relay capabilities
  • Accommodates on-site or off-site interpreters
  • Configurable team leader designation
  • Professional console layout match-up
  • One soft console per interpreter
  • Live VU meters for incoming and outgoing audio
  • Incoming and outgoing 3-channel language selector
  • Busy button to indicate channel override
  • Allows remote channel take-over
  • Interpreter-only document sharing
  • Automatic floor language feed-through
  • One-click on-off video screen expansion
  • Live Video / Presentation toggle option
  • In-session messaging feature
  • Time-elapsed counter to optimize scheduling
  • Mute option (cough button)
  • Microphone cut icon shown on mute
  • Volume pre-set at mid-range to protect hearing


Fine-tune it
to your liking

  • Echo cancellation
  • Adjustable audio and video quality
  • Built-in media-settings controls
  • Speaker list managed by operators
  • Constant audio channel monitoring
  • Audio-Only Fallback for limited bandwidth environments
  • Audio Fallback option available on Multi-Point web meetings
  • Audio Fallback automatically triggered to preserve call integrity
Kudo Additional Features for live conference
Conference interpreting
Additional Features kudo


Keep engaged with
private and group chat

  • Time-stamped messages with automatic scroll-down
  • Private chat capability with select team members
  • Dedicated chat line for team leaders
  • Dedicated chat line with operators
  • Quiet LED prompt indicates incoming message
  • Team leaders enjoy dedicated chat boxes


Let the numbers
speak for themselves

  • Built-in meeting summary data
  • List of attendees
  • Session duration
  • Vote results
  • Color-code status indicator
RSI Lnaguage stats
  • “Amazed at how easy it was to access content and presentations on my mobile device. Streaming with simultaneous interpretation was exciting, too.”
    Program Officer | Anatel
  • “KUDO saved the day for a last-minute emergency. Interpreters in New York, meeting in Japan. Easy to set up to everyone’s satisfaction. I was able to follow the meeting from Italy and see how easy it was to set it up on my smartphone. Great sound quality, too.”
    Francesca Emanuel
    Head of Global Brand Strategy | Allianz GI