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“I fell in love with KUDO’s mission, vision, and scope.”

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Working languages
Spanish, English, French

Mexico City, Mexico


Janeth Becerra is a Language Lead at KUDO with over seven years of interpretation experience. Janeth shares what inspired her to become an interpreter, how she got started at KUDO, and one of her most memorable experiences in the industry.

Why did you become an interpreter?

When I was little, my mother encouraged us to speak in English. That fostered my ability to thrive in a bilingual school with a preference for literature, English lessons, science, and arts. I was not sure what to study, but during a University fair in high school, I saw the curriculum on the Interpretation degree at a stand of my now alma mater, ISIT – in Mexico City, not France. The moment I read English, French, Italian/Portuguese, Politics, Sciences, Literature & Arts, Architecture, Law, and many more subjects, I realized I wanted to become an interpreter myself. As a graduate, I was the winner of the Induction Program for Outstanding Young Interpreters: Third Generation. This was a program launched by one of the professors and interpreters I admire the most. From then on, doors opened for me to get to know and work with some of the most renowned LSPs and interpreters in Mexico. One of those LSPs is our partner: CM Idiomas, whom I thank for bringing me closer to some of the best interpreters, clients, and subjects in Mexico City.

Proud of the understanding she brings to her KUDO members

KUDO Certified

KUDO Certified interpreters are conference interpreters who have completed KUDO’s online tutorial and attended a practice webinar on the platform. They meet KUDO’s minimum hardware and connectivity requirements and can interpret on KUDO with limited supervision. Experience and compliance are self-declared and not vetted by KUDO.


KUDO Pro interpreters are professional conference interpreters with proven experience in remote simultaneous interpreting in general and KUDO in particular. They have mastered the skills needed to interpret independently and on short notice at a KUDO meeting. Earners meet or exceed KUDO’s connectivity and technical requirements. KUDO Pro interpreters are vetted for quality and experience. Their compliance with KUDO’s standards is verified regularly.

Most memorable experience in the industry?

Although I have been exposed to drones, Heads of State, filmmakers, business experts, and even community leaders, the most remarkable experience was interpreting for astrophysicist Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell from Northern Ireland. As a postgraduate student, she discovered the first radio pulsars in 1967. The discovery eventually earned the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1974; however, she was not one of the prize’s recipients. Aside from loving and learning the topic, I was humbled by her responses when asked if she thought it unfair not to have been the recipient. Her response (paraphrasing a bit): “no, had I won the Nobel Prize, I wouldn’t have had this traction and awards over the years.” I am proud of the discovery and thankful for the many interviews and conferences I have been invited to attend.

How did you become acquainted with KUDO

Back in 2018, with the support of CM Idiomas, I went to KUDO’s HQs as the very first LS intern. I fell in love with KUDO’s mission, vision, and scope. As luck would have it, I came back in 2020 to rejoin KUDO and its fantastic team.

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Otto Mendonça is a conference interpreter with over 13 years of experience.