Let’s Talk About Capturing the Patient’s Voice in Translation


The patient voice is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare arena. Translation and linguistic validation play a vital role in amplifying it by ensuring that all patients are equally heard, regardless of the language they speak or the country they live in. This panel will discuss how language service providers contribute to patient engagement and empowerment, from clinical research to healthcare decisions.

Participate in an easy-paced 90-minute conversation with the minds that lead and influence the direction of the language services industry. Instead of rushing to end the session and trying to squeeze in questions in five minutes, we allocated 30 minutes for questions from the audience.


August 26, 2021 09:00-10:30 AM PDT


Hosted by Ana Sofia Correia (Freelance)
Anna Richards (Vitaccess)
Kokoro Yoshikawa (Freelance)
Trishna Bharadia (Writer)


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