Success Mindset for Interpreters

Many people want to improve their performance, gain in productivity, grow in their careers, and achieve success, but they constantly lament the lack of success.

The proposal is to present a set of techniques and practices that help to align and use the intelligence of the three brains to promote greater coherence and inner harmony, and to reach a state of better understanding of oneself. The result of this work has been impactful in helping professionals in their careers, but also in their personal lives, to reprogram their mental model to live fully.

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Saturday, October 9th
9am EDT | 3pm CEST

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The exhibition will have an expository character, with the inclusion of stories or examples consistent with the work of interpreters. Some exercises that provoke reflection from the participants will be included throughout the workshop.


What can I expect from this workshop?

Adriana Lombardo
Adriana Lombardo
  • Greater awareness of the importance of changing the mental attitude;
  • Knowledge about the mindset: fixed or growth;
  • Improvement in interpersonal relationships;
  • Inspiration for behavioral change;
  • Identification of techniques that should be used to achieve personal and professional success;
  • Tools for decision-making, aligning the three brains;
  • Enthusiasm about personal and professional life.