3 Ways to Streamline Your Global Meetings


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Corporate communicators and meeting planners are spread thinner than ever. Many are tasked with managing all aspects of meetings in high visibility situations with top executives and large audiences. They need to be able to focus on creating compelling content and managing key audiences – not on the logistics of web conferencing and interpreting for global audiences.

Join INGCO founder and president Ingrid Christensen and KUDO’s Head of Global Partnerships Michelle Cartín-Storey as they share best practices for streamlining global meetings. Learn how to find more time to focus on the most critical aspects of meetings planning and management, how you can simplify the technology used to interpret and translate meeting content, and how to make meetings more inclusive for non-English speaking attendees.

Available in English, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language

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Ingrid Christensen | INGCO
Ingrid Christensen

President & Founder, INGCO International

Michelle Cartin-Sotrey | KUDO
Michelle Cartín-Storey

Head of Global Partnerships, KUDO