“An invisible solution to the participants and interpreters in the room”

Telebras SGDC Roadshow

Multiple – Sao Paulo, London, New York, Brasilia

Telecom investors worldwide, Telebras management and staff.

English, Portuguese


Telebras is a strategic provider of telecommunications infrastructure solutions for government agencies and the private market in Brazil. In Q2 of 2017, the Organization launched its geo-stationary satellite for defense and communications, with coverage over the entire country, including the Amazon rainforest.

Telebras held a series of promotional events in Sao Paulo, London and New York with on-site interpretation in English and Portuguese. But it needed a solution to reach investors way beyond the room and in their own language.

With KUDO, the meetings were streamed in two languages, password-protected and available with full content on any smartphone or computers anywhere.

The Challenge

Developing and launching the SGDC was a capital-intensive investment nearing one billion US dollars. To recover part of this investment, Telebras promoted a public call for bids to attract national and international buyers for a share of the satellite’s idle capacity.

Meetings held in Sao Paulo, London and New York gave potential bidders all they needed for an informed decision. Simultaneous interpretation in English and Portuguese was offered at every venue.

With the bid’s deadline fast approaching, Telebras needed to increase its reach by streaming presentations to other potential investors who could not be present at the events. And while many streaming solutions exist, none offered the real-time multilingual support for a bilingual meeting. Telebras required a solution that integrated seamlessly with the simultaneous interpretation system installed in the room.

The KUDO Way

KUDO was the perfect fit. While KUDO is usually used as a standalone cloud-based application, calling for no conferencing system hardware, it can also be employed in tandem with a traditional simultaneous interpretation involving transmitters and infrared receivers.

With nothing more than three computers and a tracking webcam, KUDO was able to upload quality audio and video to the cloud. That included the audio from the interpretation booth installed in the room, as well as the PowerPoint presentations being shared by the speakers and the questions asked by any participant.
Working from a list of addresses provided by Telebras, KUDO reached out to a large pool of investors and gave them a chance to follow the meeting from anywhere in the world. All they needed was a smartphone or computer with Internet access. Distance was no longer an issue.

Remote participants could choose between watching the live video stream or following along through visual aids presented in real-time. They had the option of asking questions in writing as well as orally, and they could view and download onto their computers copies of the presentations and other documents, for future reference.

The result was an inclusive and convenient experience for those sitting remotely, an invisible solution to the participants and interpreters in the room, and a significantly longer and very visible reach for Telebras.

  • bruno-ramos-testimonial-kudo
    “KUDO performed to everybody’s satisfaction and greatly added to our Seminar’s high-tech flavor.”
    Bruno Ramos
    Regional Director for the Americas | ITU