“For large events like this, the turnaround time for getting answers to technical questions is crucial. The support we received from the KUDO team in this regard was excellent.”

Soroptimist International of Europe

Annual EGM Meeting

Over 200 participants from 21 countries

English, French


In July of 2021, for the first time in the over 100 years of the organization’s run, Soroptimist International of Europe (SIE) opted to host their annual meetings virtually. The three-day event was taken virtual to reduce COVID-19 risks and complications. KUDO provided its multilingual platform increasing accessibility and participation in the event. Additionally, KUDO was able to train the Soroptimist International team and their interpreters on the platform’s specifics to ensure a smooth and secure event.

How did we do it?

“The success of our annual meeting has truly opened our eyes to the power of technology and how we can move forward safely.”

Security and a functioning, hassle-free voting feature are paramount for SIE’s annual meetings. Participants needed to be assured that there would be voting transparency and no difficulties casting over 200 votes during the three-day event. The goal of the annual meeting was to vote on constitution by-laws, with one poll needed per article.

The event was hosted online on KUDO’s core platform. KUDO worked with SIE to make sure they fully understood the platform and provided technical support during the event. SIE’s organizers were able to load the polls for each meeting and receive reports of the result afterward. During the event, attendees had full usage of KUDO’s native features, including voting and polls (with value distribution), document and screen sharing, turn-based question asking and a pre-meeting virtual lobby for attendees.

3 days of

2 languages

230 individual

23 countries

200+ votes


The KUDO core platform enabled a globally inclusive event. Attendees accessed both English and French language channels provided and could participate freely in their preferred language.

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Who is Soroptimist International of Europe?

Soroptimist International of Europe is a network of over 31,500 professional women who work together at local, national, and international levels to educate, empower, and enable women and girls to improve their lives. They are one of five federations of Soroptimist International, a global volunteer movement with a shared commitment for good.

Soroptimist International of Europe