“Thanks to Hopin’s integration with KUDO, language wasn’t a barrier. KUDO supported live interpretation, ensuring attendees from around the world could enjoy the conference’s content live and in their local languages.”

Hopin x Sensedia

APIX Conference

28 countries, 1,600+ guests

English, Spanish, Portuguese


In 2021, API management and services platform Sensedia took their annual APIX conference from onsite to hybrid via Hopin, the immersive and engaging event marketing platform. Ease of communication is essential for APIX, and with a global audience, it was essential to have a language offer that would let guests enjoy all of the great content shared. KUDO’s Hopin integration provided interpretation for the event into English, Spanish, and Portuguese enabling guests to easily follow talks and panels by selecting a drop-down language selector embedded directly into Hopin’s platform.

How did we do it?

KUDO clients have the option bring their own interpreters or source interpreters via the KUDO Marketplace for events, meetings, and webinars. For APIX, Sensedia hired their interpreters, which the KUDO team then onboarded to KUDO’s interpreter platform. We also facilitated a mock session to ensure the interpreters were fully trained on the platform.

Once the interpreters were onboarded, accessing their services was easy. With KUDO’s Hopin integration, guests simply had to select the KUDO tab and select the language they wanted to hear via the drop-down language selector. The Sensedia team also had access to their own dedicated technical support specialist to ensure a smooth event.

3 days of

3 languages

1,600+ individual

28 countries

Removing language barriers and obstacles

With KUDO’s interpretation support, our event was more inclusive and accessible to our global audience. Through their integration with Hopin, access to interpretation was a breeze.”

Hopin x Sensedia - KUDO Language Access

Events are crucial to Sensedia’s overall strategy, and communication is paramount for virtual events of this size. With no language barriers, attendees could navigate Hopin’s dynamic and immersive platform and enjoy all aspects of this three-day event without worrying about anything being lost in translation.

With the KUDO integration on Hopin, Sensedia was able to focus on getting the absolute best experts in their field without any language restrictions. Attendees were able to follow talks and panels in their preferred languages and truly connect with the experts and each other.

Want to learn how KUDO can help your organization host globally inclusive events? Join one of our live demos, and experience by yourself the power of online multilingual meetings.

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