“Interpretation rendered remotely, for a fraction of the cost”

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference

Dubai, UAE

150 CITEL delegates from the Americas.

Spanish, English


CITEL – the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission, needed to hold daily, hour-long meetings during the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference taking place in Dubai, UAE, over a period of two weeks in October – November, 2018.

KUDO provided interpretation remotely from Washington, D.C. straight to delegate’s cell phones, saving CITEL considerable travel money and much headache in logistics.

The Challenge

CITEL was represented at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. To take the most out of the conference, straddling a total of two weeks in October – November, 2018, the Organization held daily briefing sessions for its members. These meetings required interpretation into English and Spanish, but flying interpreters across the world for just one hour of meetings a day made no business sense.

ITU’s Regional Office in Brasilia had tried KUDO during a multilingual event in 2017 and suggested the use of the platform. After successful tests during a preparatory meeting in Washington, DC, and with funding from NASA, KUDO was hired to provide remote simultaneous interpretation services during 10 days of meetings.

  • Remote Interpretation Dubai
  • Remote Interpretation Dubai
  • Kudo Remote Interpretation for 10 Days in Dubai

The KUDO Way

Delegates gathered in Dubai had their audio and video feed uploaded to the cloud by one notebook computer in the room. And professional linguists interpreted every word of the meeting without ever leaving Washington, DC.

Through a free KUDO app downloaded on their smartphones, delegates could follow the meetings in a language of their choosing. The solution also worked for delegates not present in the room, who could enjoy full HD video, along with multilingual audio, and participate fully in the debates.

Interpreters referred by KUDO worked out of a standard KUDO Studio in Washington DC, saving the Organization thousands of dollars in travel and logistics. Delegates enjoyed professional interpretation services rendered remotely for a fraction of the cost.

  • bruno-ramos-testimonial-kudo
    “KUDO performed to everybody’s satisfaction and greatly added to our Seminar’s high-tech flavor.”
    Bruno Ramos
    Regional Director for the Americas | ITU