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Make your university accessible with translated audio and live captions

AI-translated audio & closed captions in 30+ languages, on any device – no downloads.

35,000+ users

The tool is great. I will come back whenever we have clients for our next events who need translation support".

Make your university accessible to every learner with translated audio and live captions

Transcription is a legal requirement.
KUDO AI provides the next level of accessibility

According to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, higher education institutions legally need to provide transcription (speech-to-text) during all forms of electronic learning. Whether students are following a live stream on Zoom or sitting in a classroom, live captions enable the full participation of every student.

KUDO AI goes a step further. We provide live-translated speech and subtitles (including CC in English) in 30+ languages – online, hybrid, and in-person.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

Accessing our language selector wiget

Students scan a QR code to access the session as a weblink – no downloads needed.

Students select a language via the language selector on their laptops or smartphones.

Students can either plug in headphones to hear the translated audio or follow the live captions.

Closed captioning for ADA compliance.

Live speech translation in 30+ languages.

Custom AI glossary feature for complex or subject-specific terminology.

Available online, hybrid, or in-person.


We provide you with QR codes and weblinks you can display in-person or online, and take care of the set-up.


Attendees scan or click to access the KUDO interface on their devices (no downloads needed).


Attendees can plug in headphones to hear the translated audio or simply read the subtitles on their device.

Better engagement, knowledge retention, and inclusivity

Live speech translation and captions for lectures, lessons and seminars
Lectures, lessons, seminars

Beyond ADA compliance, KUDO AI lets you attract and engage international students more effectively by allowing them to access content in the language of their choice. Live captions have also shown to foster more inclusive learning for students with learning conditions like ADHD.

Live speech translation and captions for graduation ceremonies
Graduation ceremonies

As an easy set-up software solution, KUDO AI can be used in any room setting – virtual or physical. This means that you can activate our language selector for live events like graduation ceremonies where families of students are able to follow proceedings in their preferred language.

Board meetings

Does your institution have an international board of trustees or governors? Regardless of what platform you use, you can use your KUDO AI license to make your board meetings language-accessible in real time, for more productive and inclusive discussions and decision-making.

Our all-in-one offer for higher education

KUDO AI for higher education

Annual license per room

Unlimited usage of speech translation and caption in every language.

AI translation glossary customization.

2x standing signs with QR code for accessing KUDO AI.

Digital signage with QR code for screens and presentations.

20% discount on multiple rooms.

KUDO is a browser-based solution that works off WIFI or 4G, using a bandwidth of 10-20 Kb/second. That’s around 1% of the bandwidth needed to stream an average YouTube video on your phone.

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Yes. KUDO AI is a real-time, AI-powered Speech Translator. This means it is available on demand, 24/7 in the click of a button.

Translated audio and captions are done using a Patented speech-to-speech translation process, with an average latency (delay) of 4.1 seconds, and an average score of 4.1/5 for fluency and 4.25/5 for accuracy.

Read our guide for more information on translation quality.

No – not yet. AI speech technology has come a long way, but no solution on the market can deliver a good enough user experience for a back-and-forth, real-time conversation. But we’re working on it.

As of today, KUDO AI lets you have multiple speakers of different languages taking it in turns to present to an audience, but this is not the same as having those speakers hold a two-way conversation using the solution.

Essentially, any venue, establishment, or public building that receives international visitors or clients.

Clients of our in-venue live translation solution tend to be universities, hotels or buildings with conference rooms, city council chambers, houses of worship, sports stadiums, and exhibition centers.

For a simple in-person or hybrid set-up, KUDO requires only three things:

  1. A laptop in each of the rooms or stages for which you want to provide live speech translation.
  2. A USB audio interface for each of the rooms or stages for which you want to provide live speech translation.
  3. A stable internet connection. KUDO uses extremely low bandwidth, so regular WIFI is fine.

How it works:

  1. A KUDO session is created in the KUDO Platform and linked to the digital and on-site signage provided for attendees.
  2. The session receives on-site audio in the room via an audio to USB interface connecting the microphone(s) to the KUDO session.
  3. On-site or remote participants can use the Weblink or QR code to access the language selector and live translation.

In three easy steps:

  1. Scan the QR code (that KUDO provides) to open a new window in your smartphone or tablet browser.
  2. Choose a language for audio and captions from the language selector that appears on your screen. (You can choose different options for both).
  3. Plug in your headphones to hear the translated audio or simply follow the captions on your screen.

Yes. KUDO offers an attractive partner reseller program that includes an annual license and consumption-based pricing for event organizers, AV integrators, and Language Service Providers to add our in-person language accessibility solution to their offering.

Yes. Both on-site and remote participants can access the KUDO language selector from any device.