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Welcome to Breaking the Barrier, a podcast centered around the value of communication and language. Hosted by Aryeh Sternberg.

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Episode 11 – John Hong

Second Lieutenant John is an Air Force Interpreting Officer providing interpretation between and among the US Air Force, the Korean Air Force, and other Air Forces from around the world.

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Episode 10 – Flavia Teixeira

Flavia Teixeira has been breaking barriers for decades as a woman in the male-dominated world of construction and carpentry. She has been practicing her trade and sharing her knowledge as an instructor and guide in her profession.

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Episode 09 – William “Will” Vargas

William “Will” Vargas is a master digital marketing and operations expert whose perseverance, drive, generosity, and consideration in his work and private life are outstanding examples of how we can break barriers without forcing down the walls around us.

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Episode 08 – Yuka Yu

Yuka Yu today is a recognized deejay who has spun her beats at some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals in the world. In this episode, we explore this innovative DJ who has broken barriers to bring people together to enjoy free music in the blocks of covid-19.

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Episode 07 – Adam O’Neil

Adam O’Neil is an entrepreneur, a consultant, a professional sailor, and a former colleague of Breaking the Barrier Podcast host Aryeh Sternberg. Adam is a master marketer and a personal branding expert.

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Episode 06 – Lisa Liang

Lisa Liang is a working professional in the morning, a voice over artist in the afternoon, a mother all the time, and she just so happens to be a singer with two released albums and some amazing music videos.

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Episode 05 – Parham Akhavan

Parham Akhavan is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at KUDO. He’s also heading the newly formed KUDO Labs. Parham comes to the podcast with a wealth of hands-on experience in cloud, mobile, and overall software development.

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Episode 04 – Kateryna Rietz-Raku

Kateryna Rietz-Rakul is a professional interpreter who made national news when she was interpreting for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky when the emotion of the moment overtook her and she wept.

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Episode 03 – Tina Aspiala

Tina Aspiala has been battling the status quo since before she entered her teens. Whether applying her unique parenting skills as a gay mother two her two children to breaking the rules with her software solutions, Tina is breaking barriers left, right, and center.

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Episode 02 – Carlos Fernandez

In this episode of Breaking the Barrier we meet Carlos Fernandes, a Michelin Star dessert chef who has plied his pastry magic in restaurants in his home country of Portugal and around the world.

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Episode 01 – Roberta barroca

In our very first episode of Breaking the Barrier, we interview Roberta Barocca. Roberta is a professional interpreter and voice actress by trade.

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