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We’re glad you asked. KUDO was built by language technology experts to allow organizations of all sizes to experience seamless, real-time translation of their content. Tell us what you need languages for and we’ll find you the perfect solution.

Frequently asked questions

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All KUDO interpreter rates depend on various variables, including length of meeting, number of sessions, and number of languages. One of the benefits of KUDO is that all languages are charged at the same price, regardless of rarity.

The platform’s cost depends on the number and length of your meetings yearly. We recommend different packages based on your usage. With more volume comes better price.

Professional services’ cost depends on the number and length of your meetings on a yearly basis. Another variable to consider is the level of technical requirements for different events, which will require a greater or lesser amount of credits.

Contact the KUDO team (client management or sales) to top up respected balances for interpreter hours, professional services, and platform hours.