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KUDO Releases New Enhanced Features for the Multilingual Hybrid Meeting Experience

Post-pandemic global hybrid meetings spotlight the Language-as-a-Service platform as the new future of work technology for 2021

March 3, 2021 – New York City, NY – KUDO, Inc., the leading Language-as-a-Service platform for online meetings has launched new features to its hybrid meeting solution, enhancing its signature cloud-based technology to existing interpretation hardware solutions through a bi-directional Dante multi-channel audio interface through one single cable. In the post-COVID-19 world, a combination of in-person and virtual ‘hybrid’ meetings will become the ‘new normal’ fueled by technology that works from anywhere and with anyone in the world.

KUDO’s new proprietary features will now allow remote and in-person attendees to select the language they wish to follow and participate in as well as new options such as lobby and waiting room, advanced voting and polling capabilities, as well as document and screen sharing. The new features integrated into the KUDO platform provide a very flexible solution compatible with almost all audio and video devices, meaning hybrid meetings are now easier than ever to set up and manage.

“As countries and organizations begin to shift their meetings (or part of their meetings) back on-site, hybrid meetings will be a key consideration, as travel and room capacity restrictions will continue for some time,” noted KUDO CEO and Co-Founder, Fardad Zabetian. Not only this, but our behavior has also changed and many of us will ask, ‘do I need to travel on-site for this meeting, or can I join remotely from my home or office?’”

Further evidence to support Zabetian’s hybrid future of work theory comes in research showing that 86% of B2B organizations in 2020** saw a positive ROI of their hybrid events in just 7 months after the event date. In addition, the same survey indicated that 34% of event organizers expect to invest more in hybrid events in the next few years.

Using KUDO’s hybrid multilingual solution can remove language barriers without the need to be concerned about travel and shipping logistics. There is a significant opportunity for clients to engage their worldwide employees and partners in all required languages for training and town hall sessions. Due to the topics being quite specific, having live language interpretation ensures that all attendees can have a positive training and meeting experience. To learn more about how hybrid multilingual meetings are changing the global business footprint, click here.

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