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KUDO Launches ‘KUDO Interpreter Assist’, AI-Powered Tool to Shorten Preparation Time With Automated Glossary Building

Virtual Booth Mate Soon To be Added

(June 9, 2021, New York City, NY) – KUDO Inc., the cloud-based multilingual conference technology developed by industry insiders with decades of experience perfecting and managing interpretation services for global summits for prestigious multilateral organizations, including the United Nations, today announced the launch of KUDO Interpreter Assist.  The new real-time tool that can be used in-session was developed to aid the live professional interpreters who power KUDO’s drop-down menu of 100+ spoken and 147 sign languages on this virtual conference platform. KUDO Interpreter Assist uses artificial intelligence for split-second-generated glossary building to shorten the typical preparation time for interpreters before an assignment. The new feature is being rolled out in tiers, starting today with a private offering to a selection of KUDO Pro interpreters. KUDO is used by Fortune 500 enterprises, governments, and international organizations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

In the coming months, a virtual booth mate will be added that verifies numbers, suggests terminology, and calculates unit conversions directly onto an interpreter’s screen.

KUDO Interpreter Assist is the latest in a string of innovations introduced since the platform launched in 2019 to revolutionize multilingual meetings. On the heels of KUDO’s 3,500% growth in 2020 and an influx of Series A capital, Interpreter Assist was prioritized to address the new dynamics of multilingual meetings.

KUDO Interpreter Assist evolved from an interpreter’s perspective and their premier consideration for any meeting: term relevance.

Benefits of KUDO Interpreter Assist include:

  • Glossary creation from documents, web pages, and keywords that populate into side-by-side bilingual entries within a fraction of a second
  • Glossary sharing with colleagues
  • Addition of metadata to glossaries for easier recall
  • Import/export function of glossaries for sharing and printing
  • Glossary curation control with edit features
  • Quick search for in-session reference

“KUDO’s greatest strengths are the highly skilled interpreters harnessing this technology and our distinctive background in the intersection of language, technology, and conferencing,” said CEO Fardad Zabetian. “This, paired with artificial intelligence, is game-changing. We are honored to work with 11,000 of the most talented group of expert linguists in the world. We are expanding interpreters’ markets way beyond their current geographies while making it easier for them to do their job. For the initial launch, we’re excited to offer the new tool free of charge for the first year to all KUDO Pro interpreters, waiving the $99 annual fee.”

Chief Language Officer and former Chief Interpreter for the United Nations’ ITU, Ewandro Magalhaes said: “The interpretation profession has changed drastically in the last year. We are investing in streamlining working conditions for our interpreters, so they can continue to concentrate on offering  stellar quality of service for our clients.”

Senior Product Manager,  Nancy Ellman, who heads the Artificial intelligence Group at KUDO and whose background in engineering, technology operations and quality assurance for SaaS and mobile offerings includes Critical Mention and Syndicaster, led the charge.

The tool was designed by Claudio Fantinuoli, Head of Innovation at  KUDO, who does research in natural language processing for human and machine interpreting. Fantinuoli also lectures on language technologies and conference interpreting at the University of Mainz and at the Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna.

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