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KUDO Just Added Sign Language to its Multilingual Solution

Friday, 22 November 2019

New York City, NY – KUDO Inc., a cloud-based solution for multilingual meetings and live events, has added a new set of languages to its meeting platform.

KUDO is fast consolidating its position as the leader in cloud-based meetings with language support. The platform, which already allowed users to follow meetings with real-time interpretation in a language of their choosing, is now adding sign language for the hard of hearing.

The language selection is done through one same dropdown menu on the KUDO app or web application. A video then pops up on the screen with the half-body image of a professional sign language interpreter in action. “The solution is portable: it works on any smartphone, tablet or computer”, explains Parham Akhavan, co-founder and VP of Products & Engineering. “Interpreters and participants can be onsite or remotely located, anywhere in the world.”

Sign languages are as specific as spoken languages, with each country developing its own set of signs. There is American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL), Australian Sign Language (Auslan), and that for English speakers alone. And then Spanish Sign Language (SSL), Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS), and so on. KUDO imposes no limitation to the number of languages available in a meeting.

KUDO is the first meeting platform to offer an affordable and convenient way for the hearing impaired to fully participate in meetings diversity and inclusion. A huge step towards diversity and inclusion.

“We just crossed another threshold and bridged a huge gap”, says Fardad Zabetian, KUDO’s founder and CEO. “Inclusion has always been at the core of KUDO’s DNA.”

Ewandro Magalhaes, KUDO’s VP of Communications, equates the new sign language feature with “increased visibility and global employability to a new class of interpreters.” KUDO maintains a roster of 1,000+ pre-certified interpreters in virtually any language in spoken as well as signed languages.

KUDO’s sign language feature is a welcome addition to an already rich suite of features. It makes the world smaller and brings people together without them ever having to leave home.

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KUDO’s CEO announces the sign language feature

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