(October 20, 2021, New York City, NY)- KUDO Inc, the multilingual meeting SaaS company built around a B2B managed marketplace powered by the largest network of professional conference interpreters is developing a rate of speech monitoring solution for online multilingual meetings. The patent-pending KUDO speedometer will allow meeting participants to get real-time visual feedback on their speech velocity, which will cue them to slow down and improve the experience of both the listeners and interpreters. This improvement in the clarity of message will in turn help interpreters enhance the quality and accuracy of their output.  

Our system takes into consideration factors such as the mere speed of speech, but also more sophisticated parameters, like the complexity of language that we can measure in terms of lexical density or similar metrics. This is part of our approach to AI geared towards providing a higher degree of personalized support for our interpreters, which results in an enhanced experience for them and for the clients we serve,” remarks KUDO Head of Innovation, Claudio Fantinuoli.

A comfortable rate of speech for presentations is estimated to be around 120 words per minute and public speaking coaches often recommend speakers to practice slowing down by recording themselves ahead of the event. But nervousness, or just the natural thrill of speaking, may cause a fast rate that negatively affects communications. This can hurt clarity, diction, and coherence, requiring interpreters extra efforts that often cause mental fatigue and frustration.

“Building a community of 12,000 interpreters means we’re uniquely focused on addressing common pain points, including shorter lead-times and less time to prepare. The speedometer, like the glossary creation and terminology management solutions we have introduced, help interpreters adapt and cope, “says Ewandro Magalhaes, KUDO Chief Language Officer and former Chief Interpreter for the United Nations’ ITU. 

The speedometer will be available on KUDO in 2022. For more information, check www.kudoway.com  

KUDO Speedometer

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Pia Decarsin

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