Lively Q&A


You have a gift to inspire in a world that needs inspiring. You have built a solid reputation as a speaker or a leader. Your talks sell out fast and your audience keeps getting bigger.
Yet, the more people in attendance, the less you get them to interact. You are eager to answer their questions and hear their feedback, but the traditional format makes it difficult for participants to share their stories.


You could have people ask questions in writing for a moderator to sort through and read. This requires an army of ushers and slows your meeting considerably. And participants still have to hope that their questions will be drawn from the pool. Not fair.
A hand-held microphone would add more spontaneity, but in the time it takes for the mics to circulate you could have answered another three questions. Again, awkward and time-consuming. Why can’t you give everyone a voice?


With KUDO you can!
When you book an event, your guests are automatically invited to bring their own smartphones to the meeting.
Attendees can follow the talk through their own headsets. No need for PA or IR receivers. Anyone can ask questions straight into their phones or type in a comment using a built-in live chat.
People in the audience can also answer questions at the push of a button. More: They can do all that even if they are not present in the room! Your meetings just became a lot more inclusive an engaging, giving you invaluable insights to grow your business and keep inspiring.