Live Polls and Surveys


You have assembled a large group of people to share news of a revolutionary product you have coming.
In the audience are potential clients, experts and influencers who can get people talking about your new release. They can also help you refine your solution and go-to-market strategy. They are ready to share their needs and ideas with you.
The question is: how can you invite their participation and capitalize on their insights instantly?


You can always pose generic questions and ask for a show of hands. The problem is some people will be shy to raise their hand in public or may tend to follow the majority vote. Your results will be imprecise, at best.
You could also ask attendees to share their feedback or suggestions through a questionnaire. Only a few people will actually follow through. And by the time you collect their answers, your audience is gone. You lost the ability to ask follow-up questions and engage their immediate feedback.
You need a tailor-made, simple-to-use audience response system you can afford.


Introducing KUDO’s powerful Audience Response System. True engagement is just one click away.
Attendees can now participate in polls and answer surveys through their own smart devices.Their answers are displayed immediately as powerful charts and stats or compiled into reports for later distribution.
KUDO gives you full flexibility in question format, from multiple choice surveys to parliamentary votes. You can choose to disclose or protect the identity of respondents, and you get to choose who sees the results of your inquiries and when.
Get instant feedback on your sessions! Rate the impact of your message while the meeting unfolds. Engage with your audience, hear their stories and translate their insights into bankable data. Now!