ITU Regional Seminar

Project Highlights

Event:ITU Regional Workshop on Strengthening Capacities in International Internet Governance
Dates:14 – 16 August, 2017
Venue:Anatel HQ, Brasilia, Brazil
Audience:60 delegates from all over the Americas and ITU officials from Geneva.
Languages:English, Spanish, Portuguese


The International Telecommunication Union is the oldest specialized agency of the United Nations. Created in 1865, and with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, ITU has the declared mandate of connecting the world. It holds an average of 100 meetings per year, in the six official languages of the United Nations.

ITU maintains a presence in Brasilia, Brazil. The regional office promotes events throughout the Americas and is often required to provide language interpretation in as many as four languages.

The Challenge

For its Regional Workshop on Strengthening Capacities in International Internet Governance in August 2017, ITU wanted to innovate with new “electronic meeting methods,” as mandated by its governing bodies. The idea was to offer delegates a novel meeting experience that would increase accessibility and inclusion, and extend the meeting beyond the confines of the room. Obviously, the solution had to include full simultaneous interpretation in three languages. It could not compromise on quality and it had to prove its cost-effectiveness.

The KUDO Way

KUDO’s cloud-based solution allowed delegates to follow the meeting through HD video, crisp audio and full simultaneous interpretation streamed right to their smartphones or notebooks. It was also a fully redundant solution, with a conventional set of infrared receivers on stand-by, for total peace of mind.

The interpretation was done by interpreters on-site and remotely, from Washington, D.C., through KUDO. Setup was a breeze, with the local PA system and a webcam being fed to a few KUDO computers, in true plug-and-play fashion.

KUDO ensured everyone following the event could fully participate in the meeting, regardless of their physical location, and in a language of their choosing.

The Outcome

Participants enjoyed the innovation of following the meeting through their own smart devices and notebooks. Delegates who could not make it to Brasilia joined from their respective countries, with HD video and crisp audio, and reported feeling as if they were in the room.

KUDO allowed speakers to share their screen and documents in real time, with participants being able to see and download them at leisure. They could even ask questions through KUDO’s free mobile app or web-based interface.

No travel expenses incurred. No expensive equipment setup. A touch of innovation, just like ITU wanted.


  • KUDO performed to everybody’s satisfaction
    and greatly added to our Seminar’s
    high-tech flavor.

    Bruno Ramos
    Regional Director for the Americas
  • I found the KUDO interpreter interface
    simple and intuitive. It was easy to
    learn and work with.

    Barry Slaughter Olsen
    Interpreter and Trainer, MIIS, AIIC
  • Strikes me as a very innovative solution.
    I wish it were available for other events.
    Worked like a charm!

    Jasne R. Indotel
    Dominican Republic
  • Amazed at how easy it was to access
    content and presentations on my mobile
    device. Streaming with simultaneous
    interpretation was exciting, too.

    Thiago M.
  • I liked how simple it was to join and event
    and choose your preferred language.
    Video quality was very high, too.

    Wladimir Ramos
    AV Technician on duty, Supernova ETS