allianz global investors

Allianz Global Investors

Project Highlights

Event:Allianz GI Investor Advisor Brief
Dates:18 May, 2018 – 12 noon, Tokyo time
Venue:Tokyo Imperial Hotel
Audience:Investor advisors, fund analysts and managers
Languages:English, Italian


Allianz Global Investors is a diversified active investment manager with a strong parent company and a culture of risk management. With 23 offices in 18 countries, it provides global investment and research capabilities with consultative local delivery. It has $436 billion in assets under management for individuals, families and institutions worldwide, and employs over 500 investment professionals.

Allianz GI promotes regular international tours and meetings where investor analysts and fund managers from different part of the globe come together to share ideas and prospect new opportunities. One such meetings involved a group of Italian investor advisors’ visit to their Japanese counterparts on May 18th, 2018.

The Challenge

Tokyo is a bustling metropolis, teeming with diversity and culture. But Italian is not exactly a popular language in Japan. And while Allianz GI’s consultants could engage their hosts in English, they knew the impact of their visit would be greatly enhanced if everyone were free to express themselves in their mother tongue.

Flying interpreters to Tokyo for such a short meeting, and on such short notice, was not viable. Using non-professional language help for such a technical meeting could result in serious misunderstandings and lost business.

To further complicate matters, part of the participants were sitting in Milan, Italy, several thousand miles away. Allianz GI needed a creative, high-tech way to inject professional language interpretation into that meeting. Fast.

The KUDO Way

As it turns out, two of Allianz GI’s most trusted Italian interpreters are also KUDO certified. Having worked remotely through KUDO before, they were certain the platform could help them deliver their interpretation safely and professionally. And being in New York, they had easy access to KUDO’s own Manhattan studio.

Under their guidance, a client representative in Tokyo logged into KUDO from her laptop in the room, activated her camera and adjusted her microphone settings, thereby creating a solid audio and video feed for participants in the room.

Working from that feed, half a world across, Maria Galetta and Lilia Pino Blouin, were able to fully interpret the contents of the meeting, allowing the participants in Tokyo — and elsewhere — to follow the meeting in a language of their choosing and not miss a beat.

The Outcome

No flying around. No moving boxes. Good, solid audio, video made available, in real-time, with language interpretation provided off-site by interpreters in New York city, several time zones away. All to the entire satisfaction of Allianz GI.

KUDO saved the day for a last-minute emergency. Interpreters in New York, meeting in Japan. Easy to set up to everyone’s satisfaction. I was able to follow the meeting from Italy and see how easy it was to set it up on my smartphone. Great sound quality, too.

Francesca Emanuel
Head of Global Brand Strategy

allianz global investors

Those in the room could easily choose between Italian and Japanese as their preferred audio language. Participants were also free to visualize documents, chat and speak their mind freely, unencumbered by language restrictions, for a more productive meeting.

Allianz GI managed to have an international meeting in minutes, with professional language support, without unnecessary disbursements in logistics or travel.


  • KUDO performed to everybody’s satisfaction
    and greatly added to our Seminar’s
    high-tech flavor.

    Bruno Ramos
    Regional Director for the Americas
  • I found the KUDO interpreter interface
    simple and intuitive. It was easy to
    learn and work with.

    Barry Slaughter Olsen
    Interpreter and Trainer, MIIS, AIIC
  • Strikes me as a very innovative solution.
    I wish it were available for other events.
    Worked like a charm!

    Jasne R. Indotel
    Dominican Republic
  • Amazed at how easy it was to access
    content and presentations on my mobile
    device. Streaming with simultaneous
    interpretation was exciting, too.

    Thiago M.
  • I liked how simple it was to join and event
    and choose your preferred language.
    Video quality was very high, too.

    Wladimir Ramos
    AV Technician on duty, Supernova ETS