Turin, Italy


LINK2Languages is KUDO’s first solo studio in Italy. Building on 15 years of experience in professional language services and interpreting technology, Alice and Sarah, the two founding partners, will help you find the most suitable solution for your multilingual event. LINK2Languages relies on a network of selected professional conference interpreters to ensure not only the best translation of your words, but also adequate technological capability and savviness when working remotely.

Where do you find them?

Andrew Murphy

Alice Bertinotti | Sarah Cuminetti
Turin, Italy


  • “As professional conference interpreters, we know that technical solutions are critical to make or break an international event or meeting. In remote interpreting, the best interpreters are only part of the equation: relying on the best RSI platform is key to provide the highest quality service. That’s why we have chosen KUDO. Because our clients deserve the best.”
    Alice Bertinotti, Sarah Cuminetti
    Founding Partners | LINK2Languages

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