ANM Logistics

Belgrade, Serbia


ANM Logistics is a full service audio/video/light rental provider with experience of more than 20 years, specialized on high level events, conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops and online and virtual events. Trough our history we have served and are still serving major international organizations, corporations, associations and govermental institutions in our region.

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Andrew Murphy

Nikola Dimitrijevic
Belgrade, Serbia


+381 (63) 442-776

  • Nikola Dimitrijevic
    “During the last decade we have been searching for the most suitable online simultaneous and meeting tools for our clients and we found KUDO as the most proper solution which met all the requests of our client. Thank you KUDO for accepting us as an official partner in SERBIA.”
    Nikola Dimitrijevic
    Founder and General Manager | ANM Logistics

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