introducing kudo


KUDO was born from Fardad Zabetian’s dream to make high-quality language and conference services affordable and accessible through technology anywhere, any time. KUDO is out to expand the market by adding language and convenience to industries and markets not yet multilingual.

The Vision

At KUDO, we believe technology and language foster creativity and bring people together. We see enormous potential for growing the multilingual collaboration space on- and off-line, and we work hard to make it happen. KUDO envisions a world where people can move beyond any geographic, cultural and language barriers, to promote true understanding and prosperity.

The Mission

KUDO is out to expand, rather than shrink, the existing conference space, through added convenience to how we meet and interact. KUDO fosters more meaningful contacts among trade partners, investors or ordinary people like you and me. Reaching out to people and industries so far discouraged by distance or cost is how KUDO hopes to make the world greener, fairer and more inclusive.

The Name

Kudo is the Albanian word for anywhere or everywhere, and in the 1940s, it was introduced in the English language. KUDO aptly conveys our commitment to helping people spread their passion everywhere, in any language.

Senior Team

Fardad Zabetian
Founder and CEO
A visionary entrepreneur, Fardad has founded and  placed another two companies among the fastest growing business in America. He has also expanded to key markets over Europe and Asia. Fardad is no stranger to big challenges. In 2012, he was part of the design and roll-out a complete makeover of the United Nations’ meeting facilities, including the general assembly hall in New York. He has also played a key supporting role as a high-end equipment provider to various iterations of the IMF/ World Bank Annual Meetings and several European Institutions. With KUDO, Fardad now takes the meeting experience beyond the room to connect business and people in true borderless fashion, without language or geographic constraints.
Ewandro Magalhaes
Ewandro Magalhaes
VP of Communications
Ewandro brings to KUDO 20+ years of unparalleled experience as a world class linguist and language services executive. As a former Chief Interpreter in the United Nations system, he staffed, mentored and led top-shelf professionals in large conferences throughout the world. A prolific writer, trainer and speaker with a strong social media following, he has become a trend-setter among his peers. He is also the go-to person for technology solutions in language services. Ewandro has a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpretation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). He has lived and worked on three continents and speaks four languages in addition to his native Portuguese.
Parham Akhavan
VP of Product Management

Parham brings over 17 years of product design and software engineering to KUDO. In that time, Parham has led many startups, including his own. He has successfully delivered scalable service-oriented architecture for enterprise and consumer platforms. Parham has a wealth of experience building consumer healthcare and content delivery web and mobile applications for high profile clients. His expertise lies in aligning business needs to product in order to artfully deliver challenging technical projects. Parham has lived in 5 countries and speaks 3 languages. He is an avid runner and mindfulness evangelist.


KUDO relies on a 40-year combined legacy of conferencing and language services. We know the business inside out and will not push square pegs through round holes. Our solutions address issues we’ve all faced.



KUDO’s cloud-based platform is strong yet malleable enough to accommodate the specifics of your business. We will work with you and help you connect in meaningful ways. Take a minute to review some real-life scenarios we can address.



KUDO is a team effort. Are you an event planner, rental or staging company? Are you a LSP or conference interpreter? Run a conference center? Come run with us.




Think of KUDO as a vehicle to help you bypass the traffic jams and toll roads on the way to your destination. It is a fast ride, and you are the one making every decision along the way. Download the app and come in for a test drive!


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