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The KUDO logo

The KUDO logo represents the seamless integration of multiple languages, cultures and world views. The colors change as these elements intersect, indicating the creative richness of diversity.

The logo should be applied only against solid black or white backgrounds.

The logo can only be used with express permission from KUDO.

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Getting the KUDO
name right

“Kudo” is the Albanian word for ‘anywhere’, ‘everywhere’, ‘all around.’ It is short, catchy and easy to pronounce in virtually any language.

The name aptly conveys our commitment to help people spread passion everywhere, in any language.

Pronunciation Key:

KUDO ˈkü-(ˌ)dō

Spelling and Usage The name KUDO should not be transliterated in texts or articles involving non-Western alphabets. In some languages of Latin origin such as Portuguese, which enforce the use of articles, the feminine gender applies:

a KUDO (in Portuguese)


KUDO should always be spelled in all caps.

KUDO Embedded Multilingual Widget

Feel free to download and use the photos below

Additional photos and resources available upon request

real time interpretation
KUDO Interpreter Interface
09 MAR 2019


Screenshot of KUDO's Participant Interface, web-based version
KUDO Participant Interface
09 MAR 2019


conference interpreters
KUDO Mobile Poll Results
09 MAR 2019


Language Ready room - live conference
KUDO Solution: Language-Ready Room
09 MAR 2019


Media Kit Conference interpreters
KUDO Solution: Live Event
09 MAR 2019


Join our next demo
KUDO Solution: Web-Conferencing
09 MAR 2019


real time interpretation-live event
KUDO Solution: Widget
09 MAR 2019


Webinar with interpretation
KUDO Multidevice Interface
09 MAR 2019


Conference interpreting
KUDO Report Dashboard
09 MAR 2019


Media Contact

Ewandro Magalhaes
VP of Communications

For more resources or to schedule an interview, talk to us.