Fluent Québécois without knowing a word.

Québécois Simultaneous interpretation - by the same interpreters who help Presidents and Kings deliver their most important messages.

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KUDO enabled us to significantly increase the number of participants in our meetings and made it possible for faraway countries to actively participate in decision-making.
International Organisation of Vine and Wine

We've helped people understand and communicate in more than 29 million words of languages like Québécois.

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You're probably asking - how are they doing this?

It's not AI and it's not sorcery.

It's a network of more than 12,000 simultaneous interpreters.

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Working languages
Basque, English, German, Thai, Urdu, French, Spanish
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We can support your interpretation needs in more than 500 language combinations.

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How to communicate fluently (in 3 Steps)

1. Choose your languages
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We offer more than 200 languages on KUDO and you can choose up to 32 for any meeting.
2. Describe your meeting
Our interpreters will use the information you securely share about your meeting in order to research the specific translations most relevant to your conversation. People often share meeting agendas, memos, and slide decks.
Documents + Video Explaining Prep Materials Here
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3. Join your meeting
We setup a secure, easy to use meeting experience for multilingual communication where you will be joined by our experienced interpreters and you may invite as up to 50 participants. For most conversations, this is the best way to experience multilingual communication.

This is included with your booking, free of charge.

Want to use your own meeting platform? No Problem.

The following platforms are simultaneous interpretation ready and instantly bookable on KUDO:
In Person (Physical) Meetings
Cisco Webex
Microsoft Teams
We offer a software solution to extend support to the following platforms, contact us to learn more:
Adobe Connect
GlobalMeet Webcast
Google Meet

You + KUDO = You, but fluent in more than 70 languages

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What is simultaneous interpretation?

It's the most accurate form of realtime speech translation on the planet.
Interpreters will understand your message and immediately translate it into your target language as you communicate. It's an experience indistinguishable from magic. See for yourself.

World leaders depend on simultaneous interpreters with years of experience to ensure their message is translated accurately and delivered promptly.

Live interpretation isn’t the best fit for everyone.
Our service may not be for you if:

Accessibility is just a checkbox for you
For us, accessibility is more than just captioning and subtitles. We are here to empower your whole audience to actively participate in your conversation.
You’ve got time to spare
There are more affordable forms of interpretation available, but they more than double the length of your meeting which, in most cases, exceeds the costs of getting the right interpreter in the first place.
Accuracy isn't a deal-breaker
AI is good enough for many multilingual use cases, but there is a reason the biggest decisions in diplomacy call for real time human interpretation.

When your message matters, we make sure it delivers - for everyone.

Starting at $300
for one hour of simultaneous interpretation in one language
  • Pay as you go - no contracts
  • Private - Interpreters under NDA
  • 24/7 Support
  • Credit Card Payment
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Have larger needs? Talk to our sales team about volume discounts and professional services.


What payment options do I have?

Our self service option can be paid with a credit card, enterprise invoices can be paid with credit card, ACH or wire transfer.

I’m concerned with a human interpreter listening in to our calls and the security of the platform.

We work with a number of large enterprises, government agencies and international organizations who are very sensitive to data privacy & platform security. Our interpreters all sign an NDA and we have been able to satisfy the toughest security requirements posed to us by organizations with high confidentiality.

Why wouldn't I use my conference platform's native interpretation functionaility?

They don’t provide interpreters. While it may good if you want to source your own interpreters, you will need to go through the whole process of booking the interpreters, making sure they have the required setup and solve all technical challenges yourself.

We give you access to a network network of over 12k interpreters across the globe ready to provide high-quality interpretation as well as an automated system of booking and scheduling. Also, we are fully integrated into all major conference platforms.

I want to use my existing conference platform

No problem! We are fully integrated into all major conference platforms, including but not limited to: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, ON24, Hopin, Bizzabo etc. Using KUDO will make it easy for you to interpret your meetings into various languages.

How much work does this require to set up from our team?

We are doing our best to make setup easy even on a self serve basis. However, we do offer professional services as well to cater for additional needs.

What is the difference between Québécois translation and Québécois simultaneous interpretation?

To put it simply- Québécois translation refers to the rendering of written content into other languages, whereas Québécois interpretation (simultaneous or consecutive) focuses on rendering spoken and sign languages into other languages in real time. Both practices focus on delivering the meaning, message, and intention of what is being said above all else.

What is the difference between Québécois consecutive interpretation and Québécois simultaneous interpretation?

What is the difference between Québécois consecutive interpretation and Québécois simultaneous interpretation?

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