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Add on-demand language services to your meeting room, no equipment required, no installation needed

language-ready rooms
Kudo Language-ready-rooms

KUDO Language-Ready Room is a license-based solution for enterprise clients who need to engage their counterparts and partners regularly, in their own language.

It is an add-on service to existing video-enabled meeting rooms, intended for the new wave of workplace collaboration across languages, cultures, and countries.

Our Language-Ready Rooms provide a turn-key solution for web conferences and video conferences with real-time language interpretation and seamless integration to any video-enabled room.

The investment in a Language-Ready Room will be offset by the ability to access the most affordable hourly rates for KUDO usage. Create and schedule your own events on KUDO, easily, seamlessly and independently.

KUDO Language-Ready Room owners enjoy premium access to a growing database of KUDO Certified interpreters in virtually any language. You can have a multilingual meeting going in minutes, along with extended online operator assistance in the unlikely event they need any troubleshooting help.

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