KUDO Client Referral Program for Interpreters

US$1,000 per successful referral

When you refer KUDO to your clients


  • You get a finder’s fee of US$1,000.00 when the client signs up for a subscription with KUDO.
  • You continue to be the client’s preferred interpreter going forward.
  • You have the right to first refusal, and when you are unavailable, you will be asked who should interpret for the client in your absence. Our team will notify you promptly of any successful referral.
  • You will be contacted by the KUDO Sales team.

It's a Win-Win for all!

1. Refer your client to KUDO

2. KUDO will follow up
and offer your client a free demo

3. If it turns out to be successful,
you’ll enjoy the benefits stated above

Refer a Client