As we ring in 2019, we wanted to thank you for being with us in 2018. And what better way to do that than to introduce a new major milestone in KUDO: our all-new version 2.5, developed to the exact specifications and requests you have generously shared with us.

For starters, version 2.5 is a complete makeover of the look and feel of our mobile app user interface for both Android and iOS. Colors now more closely resemble those of the web interface, and the navigation has been revisited to ensure greater functionality and user-friendliness. It looks better and feels smoother. Scroll down for a few pictures.

But our new release goes way beyond good looks. We have introduced new features and corrected a few inconsistencies across the platform. Here are some of the new features in v2.5:

Easier Onboarding

Clients can now create ad-hoc meetings on the go and have participants join with one click, through a link. This greatly simplifies the onboarding procedure and drastically reduces the possibility of user errors.

Participants can also join a meeting by entering a numeric Session Id directly on the app. This adds comfort to users as they leave and later rejoin a session. The numeric format has also been redesigned, without letters and/or dashes.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Mobile users now see their own image when they activate their camera.

The mobile app now includes a thumbnail of the speaker along with the slides also when in portrait orientation (before, that was only possible in landscape mode)

KUDO now allows biometric login, where participants to clear themselves into KUDO using their fingerprints on iOS or Android.

Broadcast Mode

We have created a simplified version of KUDO that limits the user experience to just three features: audio, full-screen video, and a language selector. This is ideal for mass streaming of multilingual content where no interaction is expected. It makes KUDO easier and lighter on the network.

Here’s what else is new:

Cool Added Features for Interpreters

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    In version 2.5, interpreters can quickly mute their microphone, toggle between channels, open their chat windows and activate their mic without touching the mouse. They can keep their eyes on the screen and their hands on the controls the entire time.
  • Seamless outgoing channel switch
    In the new version, interpreters no longer need to reactivate their microphones every time they change their outgoing channel. This will prevent many user errors in the past while adding speed to language switches.

Special Features to Participants

  • User-specific Video and Audio Configuration
    Tech-savvy clients and operators can now configure video and audio quality parameters such as frames per second, bit rates, and SPL (sound pressure level) in preparation for a meeting. This means KUDO can specify the minimum quality settings and adjust them according to a set of users depending on the strength of their network.
  • Echo Cancellation
    This feature allows participants to join meetings without a headset and sound great without any audio feedback.

More Convenience to Operators

  • Advanced Reporting Options
    The new dashboard expands the reporting features available, with detailed statistics broken down by country, technical platform, length of participation, and language with more to come as we roll out version 2.6 in early February.

KUDO User Guide

KUDO User Guide

We understand some of the changes we’re introducing are a departure from how participants used to interact with KUDO in the past. And to make it easy we’ve prepared a User Guide, with detailed information on every aspect of KUDO. A non-exhaustive list of contents includes information on connectivity setup, user roles, IT and AV readiness, dashboard operation, etc.

And to make it extra easy, we’ve created an online tutorial to help new clients and partners hit the ground running as they familiarize themselves with the platform. That means you can now learn at your own pace, reviewing a series of videos and documents that will teach you everything you need to know to create your own events, populate them, invite users, set polls, upload documents, control access and more. Contact us for instructions on how to access this invaluable resource.

We have also revised and expanded our online onboarding tutorial for interpreters to reflect the new functionalities we’re rolling out. If you have not yet tried it, be sure to give it a try and expand your work possibilities in 2019.

Just the Start

As proud as we are of our all-new version 2.5, we know it will not last long. Version 2.6 is around the corner, and v2.7 is already being groomed to come after that. In fact, v3.0 will be released in Q1 of 2019, as KUDO strives to respond as fast and accurately as possible to your suggestions and feedback.

Keep them coming. And stay tuned for more as the weeks and months of the new year roll in.

Contact Us for a Demo

If you haven’t yet tried KUDO v2.5, please contact us today to schedule a demo. You can also sign up to watch our next public event this month in the KUDO Global Stage series. Admission is free.

Curious About KUDO’s New Mobile App Looks? Here’s a sneak peek:


KUDO v2.5


KUDO v2.5