What do you call an online meeting attended by ca. 100 people on four continents with live simultaneous interpretation in six languages done by interpreters in seven different countries?

Call it what you want. But make sure the word awesome is part of your label. That’s exactly what we and others think KUDO’s v2.0 launch on May 8th was: simply awesome! Here’s why.

KUDO v2.0: From Conference Room to Boardroom

Since coming to market in September of 2017, KUDO has earned a name for itself as a stable feature-rich platform for multilingual conferences. As long as you had one speaker addressing a large audience — in true lecture style –, KUDO was (and is) ready to help you take your message beyond any geographic and language barriers.

In plain English, that means, simply: you can present from anywhere on the planet, speaking any language you please, addressing people anywhere else in their own mother tongue through interpreters working off-site. Well… maybe not so plain. But amazing nonetheless.

On May 8th, 2018, KUDO became that and something else. At 11 a.m. EST, an panel of industry experts met on KUDO to for the release of KUDO’s version 2.0 and to exchange ideas on the new technological changes that are sweeping the language industry.

Speaking from different cities in the U.S., moderator Renato Beninatto, InterpretAmerica’s Katharine Allen and Media Vision’s Annabelle Gazzo joined Fardad Zabetian and Ewandro Magalhaes in an hour-long interactive debate. Panelists spoke French, Spanish, Portuguese and English as they pleased, and were interpreted into these four languages and another two (Japanese and Italian) in real-time.

Following through their smartphones or computers, from the comfort of their homes or offices, nearly 100 people (95, to be precise) felt as though they were in the same room as the panel. They could hear everything that was said in a language of their choosing, and they could toggle between the live video of an active speaker and the slides being shown. Thumbnails of the five panelists were visible at all time, with perfect synchronization between image and sound.

The meeting ended with a Q&A session where attendees could request to be recognized and ask their questions live, through a video call, in any of the languages available and from wherever they happened to be.

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Every remark was simultaneously interpreted in all languages by interpreters working out of KUDO studios in Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, Washington, D.C. New York and Toronto. Content was also rendered into Japanese and Italian by KUDO Certified interpreters in London and Rome, respectively.

We would like to recognize them individually for their excellent work:

A Multilingual Online Collaboration Tool. At last!

KUDO version 2.0 keeps the conference functionality of v1.5 while introducing a sleek new user interface featuring a bigger video window and picture-in-picture capabilities. The platform now offers support to multiple speakers. You can join meetings as easily as you would on Zoom, Skype, GotoMeetings and others, only with a stronger audio and video experience and, of course, with built-in language capabilities that immediately increases your global reach.

Participants can share their screen, distribute documents, exchange messages and engage in polls with results shown instantly in numeric and graphic formats. They can engage with their partners and prospective clients in their own language, at a fraction of the cost and in half the time.

In the wake of the launch event, two magazine reports came out that greatly capture the beauty and functionalities behind KUDO v2.0:

KUDO provides the platform and a pool of trained interpreters. It provides a growing network of partners and KUDO certified studios with a controlled environment for greater quality assurance. And you can have your meetings recorded and replayed from your very smartphone any time in the future, in any of the languages available at the original event.

So, call KUDO 2.0 what you want. But if that is not awesome, I’m reaching for my dictionary.

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