A word from Rebecca Schuette, VP of Marketing at KUDO


KUDO work philosophy and wage equality

Today is International Women’s Day, and as a startup, we recognize that women are still not represented equally in the workforce. The tech industry represents a significant opportunity for equality, especially regarding the gender gap. Women represent only 25% of the tech workforce, women of color-only 9%. Worse, 50% of women will leave the tech world by 35. Diversity and equality are in KUDO’s DNA, and we work to improve these numbers every day.

In this video, KUDO VP of Marketing Rebecca Schuette discusses her experience working at KUDO and the steps KUDO takes to ensure equality in our ecosystem.


As an executive in the tech industry, I’ve recognized how detrimental it’s been to the workforce that massive numbers of women have left the workforce in the last few years. So it’s really important to me personally, and to KUDO as a company, to make sure that we are fostering an environment where women and the broader team can be really successful. Work is incredibly important, and we are passionate here. We are chasing a mission at KUDO, but work is not our entire lives. I personally have four children, and I love the fact that KUDO supports the fact that I can dive in, and I can work hard, and I work a lot for KUDO, but also there is a boundary, and I can be fully present with my family at home. And that’s the environment that we want to foster for the team at KUDO.

We just finished, at KUDO, our first salary leveling exercise. This is a commitment that I’ve never seen before in my background in the tech industry. So, this was an exercise we embarked on whereby we used third-party data of companies of a similar size and stage to make sure that the salaries we were paying to our employees, based on their location and level in the company, were fair and equitable. I love this as a step to make sure that there is true wage equality.

What is KUDO?

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