live event


Key Features

Make your voice heard, gather actionable data and share your materials through the following features:

KUDO 2.5

Web & Mobile Access

  • User-friendly web-based application
  • Seamless webcam and headset integration
  • Free app available for iOS and Android devices
KUDO 2.6

Language Selector

  • Drop-down selection of pre-set languages
  • Automatic floor language feed-through
  • Up to 32 languages per meeting
  • Language channel labels visible at all times
  • Smooth and quiet channel switch
  • Accommodates any language
  • Vertical slider volume control

Live HD Video

  • Full synchronization
  • WebRTC-enabled
  • Ideal resolution of 1080p75
  • Intelligent audio fallback
  • On-off full screen expansion


  • Push-to- talk mic button on desktop or mobile device
  • Participants use their own devices to ask questions
  • Users can text or ask question live
  • Moderator-managed queue
  • Color-code status indicator

Live Polls

  • Fully user-configurable
  • Multiple-choice or parliamentary vote formats
  • Comprehensive Audience Response System
  • Pie chart, bar chart or numeric results display
  • One-button vote confirmation
  • Multiple report formats
  • Easy in-session setup

Document Sharing

  • Supports PDF and all MS Office file formats
  • In-session document upload and distribution
  • Supports text, presentation and image files
  • Exclusive document sharing feature for interpreters
  • One-click file download or view option


  • Encrypted media and signaling
  • Customer data always private and secure
  • User data anonymized for total privacy
  • Sensitive user information remains secure
  • WebRTC-compatible
  • 128-bit peer-to- peer encryption on audio and video
  • HTTPS support, Secure RTP and HTTP authentication
  • Safe Harbor certified

Additional Features


User Management

  • Easy-to- use admin dashboard
  • Comprehensive user profile
  • Extended description of events and meetings
  • Ability to upload custom event logo or banners
  • CSV import option for large batches of participants
  • Wide range of customizable options

On-Demand Access

  • All meetings recorded in every language
  • Archives available for on-demand
  • Instant access to past events on the app or the web
  • Access to documents from past sessions

Quality Control

  • Speaker list managed by operators
  • Constant audio channel monitoring
  • Audio-Only Fallback for limited bandwidth environments
  • Audio Fallback option available on Multi-Point web meetings
  • Audio Fallback automatically triggered to preserve call integrity

In-Session Chat Messaging

  • Time-stamped messages with automatic scroll-down
  • Pre-defined canned messages for time-saving
  • Private chat capability with select team members
  • Dedicated chat line for team leaders
  • Dedicated chat line with operators
  • Quiet LED prompt indicates incoming message
  • Team leaders enjoy dedicated chat boxes

Reports & Meeting Summary

  • Built-in meeting summary data
  • List of attendees
  • Session duration
  • Vote results
  • Detailed usage log broken down by language
  • Multiple reporting options

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Full language relay capabilities
  • Accommodates on-site or off-site interpreters
  • Configurable team leader designation
  • Professional console layout match-up
  • One soft console per interpreter
  • Live VU meters for incoming and outgoing audio
  • Incoming and outgoing 3-channel language selector
  • Busy button to indicate channel override
  • Allows remote channel take-over
  • Interpreter-only document sharing
  • Automatic floor language feed-through
  • One-click on-off video screen expansion
  • Live video / presentation toggle option
  • In-session messaging feature
  • Time-elapsed counter to optimize scheduling
  • Mute option (cough button)
  • Microphone cut icon shown on mute
  • Volume pre-set at mid-range to protect hearing

KUDO approaches safety and security from multiple angles:

Code Level Security: KUDO periodically submits its core code repository to third-party audit for code level exploits.

Cloud Level Security: Ecosystem is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access continuously monitored and restricted through Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS CoudWatch. AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) encapsulates all servers in a secure and private environment. AWS Route 53 and AWS CloudFront to mitigate DDoS attacks.

Application Level Security: Core application subject to the third-party audits for application level exploits, attacks, and penetration to Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) services. IP or user blocking after multiple failed access attempts.

Encryption: All transits/communications done through SSL. Communication between KUDO’s platform and the clients’ apps or browsers encrypted with forced SSL. Relational Database Service (RDS), with all stored data being encrypted.

Compliance: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); EU Data Protection Directive

Miscellaneous: No collection of PII (Personally identifiable information); Underlying platform is Safe Harbor Compliant and TRUSTe Certified Privacy member; All archived files encrypted, including audio, video and data; Audio and video encrypted by AES cipher with 128-bit keys plus HMAC-SHA1 for data integrity; Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for server protection; URLs not serially numbered; API secret keys not saved in public source code or libraries on the client’s end.