The development at KUDO never stops. After our previous update in January, the team continued exploring new ways to improve the experience for our valued users, having your feedback as the starting point, as always.

To kick-off the new season, we are very happy to announce the rolling out of KUDO v2.6, an update focused on three main areas: further improvements in user experience, extended coverage, and support to enterprise clients. Along with some other internal improvements to optimize the system.

Further improvements in user experience

We are making things easier for participants to join a meeting. With a redesigned login page, users now have a more detailed overview of the status of an event.

The in-session experience has also been made more fluid and hassle-free, with a new Media Settings feature through which participants can test their connectivity directly from their session. They can also change their microphone, speakers, and camera without the need to refresh or leave the meeting.

Additional features include the option to pin/unpin the video of another participant to show full-screen, and a new icon on each participant’s thumbnail now shows the status of each participant’s microphone (on/off).

Fully compatible with Firefox

As a cloud-based platform, KUDO relies on web browsers to function properly. We are happy to announce that our system is now fully compatible with Firefox, in addition to Google Chrome. We are working hard on making our technology compatible with other mainstream browsers as well.

Also, if you try to log in from an unsupported browser you’ll get prompted to switch browsers in order to enjoy KUDO v2.6 to the fullest.


Another exciting news we are happy to share is that KUDO is now available for users in China. Our Chinese clients, interpreters, and partners can join or service meetings anywhere in mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Stay tuned for more details.

Silo for Enterprise

While KUDO is positioned to be a Software-as-­a-­Service (SaaS) platform, we do understand enterprises’ needs for additional measures to operate efficiently. With that in mind, we have developed KUDO Silo, a complete multilingual web conferencing platform contained in a dedicated private cloud environment. KUDO Silo is tailored to the needs of enterprises for which security, privacy, compliance, and custom services are of paramount importance.

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I hope you are excited at all the new features. But to really experience the power of KUDO v2.6, you have to try KUDO for yourself.

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