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Hi, I’m Rebecca Schuette, VP of Marketing for KUDO.

Today, conventions, expert panels, town halls, and networking events are all happening in the virtual space. And why wouldn’t they? Modern event marketing platforms make it easier than ever to connect with a broad audience almost instantly.

With today’s technology, connecting with global audiences is easy. Holding their attention- that’s another challenge.

In fact, 82% of marketers working in B2B count engagement as a crucial KPI for a successful event ( And while surveys, giveaways, and videos have all been used as tactics to increase engagement, a good old fashion Q&A session is still the most popular format to engage participants in live virtual events (,

One enhancement that our clients have found to increase engagement in their virtual events is real-time live interpretation. Global events immediately become even more accessible and inclusive with platforms like KUDO because we give everyone the opportunity to follow along and participate in their preferred language. Live interpretation gives your global audience the power of understanding, and a certain comfort that comes hand in hand with the ease of communicating in your native language.

KUDO empowers participants to actually be a part of the conversation, and that’s what true engagement is all about. And with KUDO’s platform-agnostic solution, we can easily add live interpretation to any virtual or hybrid event on your favorite event marketing platform.


What is KUDO?

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Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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