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Hello, I’m Rebecca Schuette, VP of Marketing at KUDO

As marketers, we’re always looking for the most dynamic and creative ways to promote our companies. The global shift to remote work forced many of us to leverage virtual events to showcase our products and solutions with quality leads and partnerships as a common goal. The result- the virtual event space is more competitive than ever. With what seems like hundreds or even thousands of virtual events a day, everyone is looking for the next “big thing” to capture new leads and increase engagement.

But what if the next big thing is something we should always be considering?

What if we thought about accessibility as a standard instead of as an afterthought?

You may think you have the accessibility box ticked by offering captioning for your next virtual event. And while live captioning can be very helpful, let’s face it, with today’s technology, captions alone simply won’t cut it.

With KUDO, companies can provide accessible and inclusive virtual and hybrid events with real-time interpretation in over 200 spoken and sign languages. By offering more languages and accessibility, meetings naturally become more engaging and collaborative. Everyone has the opportunity to communicate with ease in their preferred language, whether it be for webinars, monthly town halls, virtual trade shows, or one-off events. KUDO gives speakers and participants the power of understanding one another.

The best part: KUDO has native integrations on MS Teams, Hopin, On24, and Hubilo. Additionally, we offer a desktop app that can be used alongside any event marketing platform.

Now, event attendees can feel the comfort and confidence of networking and socializing in up to 32 interpreter-supported languages per event. And KUDO’s award-winning Interpreter Marketplace makes it easier than ever to find, book, and pay professional on-demand interpreters.

Make accessibility and inclusion more than buzzwords you use for your next event. Allow all of your attendees to engage, connect, and collaborate in their preferred language with KUDO.

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What is KUDO?

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Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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