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Connect with certified remote interpreters

Tap into the power of KUDO’s 12,000+ interpreter community, each professional reviewed and vetted by our language team.

Real people, passionate about language

Our conference interpreters come from every corner of the globe – representing 12 time zones – bringing real-world language and cultural understanding to your meetings and events. They can help your colleagues, clients, and attendees feel part of every interaction.

With 200+ spoken and sign languages available, we have the solution to the world’s multilingual web conferencing needs.

Our interpreters, your platform

Since KUDO is platform agnostic, you have access to highly-trained professional interpreters on your preferred video conferencing platform. This simplifies interpretation and allows you to focus your attention on your meeting and attendees.

Simultaneous, unobtrusive interpretation

KUDO interpreters work in the background, providing real-time interpretation for those who require it. They’re specially qualified to convey speakers’ sentiments, with a robust understanding of contemporary business terms and phrases.

Find the right interpreter when you need them

KUDO Interpreter Marketplace gives you 24/7 access to 12,000+ professional interpreters. Just select your needed language(s), and KUDO will find the perfect interpreter(s) with relevant subject matter expertise to support your meeting.