Built for you

Build a world-class organization

With KUDO, you’re empowered to work with colleagues and partners with no geographical limitations. This means you have access to the most talented people, anywhere.

A perfect job candidate is out there

Today, you are no longer limited to hiring people in your region or time zone. Maybe the best candidate is in China, Sao Paolo, or Finland. But without KUDO, you reduce the pool of applicants to just those fluent in your language. With KUDO, you can cast a wider net, finding the exact talent a role requires.

See how KUDO streamlines global business.

Collaborate without limitations

To give the best of ourselves during a meeting or event, we need confidence that we understand the conversation and that all will understand our contribution. KUDO enhances multilingual collaboration with interpreters, giving everyone a seat at the table. That’s how you bring the best ideas out, build inclusivity and create a competitive advantage.

Keep your staff aligned

If you are part of a global organization, it can be challenging to hold multilingual training sessions or monthly international town hall meetings. You could invest in costly translation equipment, restrict the content to one language, or water down the material, compromising your ability to connect fully. KUDO’s professional interpreters and AI-powered web conferencing allow employees to participate in their preferred language for better comprehension.