Suppose you’re a journalist following a global sports event. The final game is tonight, and you look forward to the post-match press conference. You have worked on your list of questions for different scenarios, since you don’t know who will win the match. And while you can get by in English, you’d be a lot more comfortable asking your questions in Spanish.

You’re hoping the organizers will arrange for interpretation. Now suppose you’re the organization hosting the event. You have 24 teams in the competition, and each game may bring surprises in the pitch and in the press conference room. Yes, you will arrange for translation, but only when the game is over will you know exactly what kind of language support you need to provide at the press conference that will follow. Doing it the old way, i.e. flying interpreters from around the world to then have them sit idly depending on the score, is an expense item you could do without.

Now imagine KUDO steps in and allows interpreters to work remotely, from fully equipped KUDO Studios spread throughout the world. Imagine that journalists can use their own cell phones to follow the interview, with high-quality video and audio, even if they are not in the press conference room.

Multilingual press conference with KUDO
Multilingual Press conferences
Online meeting with multiple languages

Well, imagine no more. Introducing KUDO Press Conference, our latest free app, to help you accomplish all the above. It features a new sleek interface that gives each party what they need, with no distractions, easy sign-on and the usual great quality of KUDO.

Journalists can join by simply pointing their devices to a QR code as they walk into the room. KUDO will run on their smartphones unobtrusively while they continue to text, email, and feed their social media channels. All with real-time, human-powered interpretation, of course, in as many languages as needed, for as long as needed.

language ready rooms

Flexibility and Savings KUDO Press Conference allows you to accommodate last-minute changes while saving big on travel and logistics. No need for interpretation booths to be installed. No masking tape on the floor. No airfare, necessarily. Adding languages (or removing them) is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can literally have a meeting running in 5’ flat.

Interpreter Agnostic In case you have your own team of interpreters –onsite or elsewhere– KUDO will be happy to work with them. They only need to take KUDO’s online onboarding tutorials and show up for one of our bi-weekly live test-drive sessions before the actual event. This also helps organizers schedule the same team of interpreters –pending their availability– regardless of physical location.

Unlimited Languages for Thousands of Users KUDO imposes no limitation on the number of languages you can offer in one same session. As for users, it can accommodate as many as 3,000 users per language. Granted, your room is probably not big enough anyway, but keep in mind that with KUDO you can stream the full content of the meeting live, to anybody, anywhere, any time. So, the news just broke and we wanted you to be the first to know. In fact, with KUDO Press Conference you’d know by now already.

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